The Telling  


For a moment my muttering's trailed off as my alcohol numbed mind registered the fact that someone had put their arm about my shoulders. It took a moment before my eyes focused, though somewhat blurringly, on the face of my old friend Frank. I could see his mouth moving but his words didn't immediately register as my brain was still seeking vainly for the answer as to how long my wife had been cheating on me.

Had my loving wife only recently become unfaithful or had she been cheating on me from day one. If she had been cheating on me for months why then had it taken me till only recently to realize it. Was I such a lovesick fool that I couldn't see the forest for the trees. But even as those thoughts rattled about in my brain Franks words wedged into my consciousness.

What's that Frank? You want to know what's bothering me! Yea like you don't know, right buddy. My best friend, my good buddy and you haven't noticed my wife's carrying on. I suppose next your going to tell me that you haven't seen her sashaying around in shit that would make a two bit whore blush. Yea like I really believe that Frank.

Oh those changes, and you whole heartily approve. Well thats real white of you mother fucker. Oh you think it's about time she wore something more feminine, more sexy. What's that, you think she looks more --- more --- more what? What the fuck do you think she looks more of Frank, what huh? More like the loving wife I married or like a God damn cheap street walker? What do you think she looks more of God damn it?

Calm down, you want me to calm down! Fuck you I shouted as I slammed the glass down spilling what little was left of my drink in the process. Pushing away from the bar I got drunkenly to my feet staggering backwards before gaining my equilibrium. Composing myself I slowly turned and headed toward the exit, but before I'd taken three steps Frank caught me and steered me into a booth.

From across the room snickering laughter made its way into the fogged recesses of my numbed brain. With eyes blurry from drink I looked across the dimly lit bar searching for the source and reason of laughter. Then my eyes focused on the booth over by the juke box and the three negro's sitting there. The sons of bitches weren't even trying to disguise their amusement.

Pushing myself to my feet I shouted "What the hell are you laughing at you fucking ....." But before I could get the rest out Frank clamped a hand over my mouth muffling the rest of my rant. I didn't blame him, not really. I mean he may be six feet two but he's as skinny as a rail. For another, I suspect he knew what I was about to say and he didn't want either of our asses kicked. Well not his anyway.

I wouldn't have blamed him none if he'd of turned and walked away, what with the way I was acting. But Frank and I go way back. Hell, we grew up together. Lived on the same block in fact. Same grade school, same high school, same collage. Shit we even did a stint in the Air National Guard together.

Fact is it was Frank who'd introduced Regina to me. Good old match maker Frank. And when we'd gotten married a few months later it had been Frank who'd been my best man. Hell he'd been so proud you'd of thought it was him that was marrying Regina instead of me. Now I wish it had been.

Anyway as I stood there ranting into Franks hand and gesturing wildly at the negro's one of them stood and began to move our way. Hissing at me to shut my mouth Frank pushed me toward the door. Glancing back over his shoulder at the approaching mountain he apologetically said they shouldn't take offense, that I was drunk and didn't know what I was saying.

Truth was I was both so pissed and so drunk that I didn't give a shit if they took offense or not. Turning about I screamed "Well how bout it nigger, are you fucking her too? Huh nigger, are you. How bout your "Bros.;" over there "Nigger?" They shoving their "Big Black Dicks" into my whore wife too?"

Like ripples in a pond his face went from barely hidden amusement to anger then finally incredulous as my accusation was hurled at him. Swaying drunkenly I staggered back to the booth realizing as I did so that I had been wrong to accuse him and his friends. But the words were out and I couldn't take them back. Like a little boy I covered my face with my hands not giving a shit about the old saying that men don't cry.

A hand touched my shoulder, gave it a gentle squeeze as a voice thick with a New England accent said he was sorry to hear I suspected my old lady of screwing around. That he didn't blame me for loosing it but that I should be careful about using the "N" word cause others less understanding might take offense.

Raising my head I looked up through tear stained blurry eyes at the negro standing over me. He looked maybe 6' 4" and every bit of 260 pounds and though my brain was numb from drink I knew he could have squashed me as easily as I could have a bug.

His face was hard to read but I got the impression he was honestly concerned as he asked if maybe I wanted to talk about it. Without replying I slid deeper into the booth making room for him.

Frank, his face showing total disbelief at the revelation I had just hurled in the negro's face, slid into the booth across from me. His voice, though barely above a whisper sounded abnormally loud in the suddenly silent bar as he repeatedly muttered "I don't believe it. Mike's wrong, he has to be wrong, she loves him."

For a minute no one said a word except Frank who, like a broken record kept muttering "No way man, not Regina. She loves him to fucking much. She'd never cheat on him, especially not with a nig .... I mean negro."

As I opened my mouth to reply the other two negro's squeezed into our booth wanting to know why their friend had chosen to sit with us. At first no one said a word then the negro beside me muttered to his friends that my wife was cheating on me.

Their answer was rollicking laughter that shit like that happened all the time. I wasn't fully aware of what was going on around me but when their laughter faded to silence my guess was that it was because the negro who was sitting beside me had given his friends a stony look.

I don't know which of them signaled the bar maid but suddenly she was standing at our booth. After ordering drinks all around the three negro's introduced themselves. In addition to their names I also learned that our new acquaintance's, were all ex-football players. That despite their past rivalry they were now in business together.

They owned a large security company. Among their customers were banks, the presidents of such organizations, as well as nearly every movie star living on the east coast. After a prolonged silence in which I struggled with myself about telling my story to men who were not only strangers but also black I began.

Regina and I met almost eleven months ago when Frank who is on the school board introduced us. After a short whirlwind romance which lasted maybe four months we got married.

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Reaching into my pocket I pulled out my wallet. Fumbling clumsily I extracted the wedding picture I always carried and passed it to Reginald. As the picture moved around the table I studied the negro's reaction. I thought I saw a gleam in their eyes but wasn't sure.

I mean I could hardly hold my head upright let alone see straight so I couldn't be sure. Never the less their nods and soft whistles of approval as they looked at her beautiful face and trim figure brought a smile to my face despite my drunkenness and the hurt I felt. Taking a sip of my rum and coke I continued.

No my wife isn't a teacher, she's the Principle over at Loveless High. And yes I guess you can say that she is kinda young for the job. I mean shit when we were going to school I don't think any of us had a teacher as young or as good looking as her. Am I right?

As for having a Principle that looked like her well forget about it cause that only happens in fairy tales or sex videos. Me, oh I'm the President and owner of Ultimate Pools and Spas.

My head started to droop at that moment but Reginald shook me and my head jerked upright. For a second I wondered where I was and who the hell these negro's were sitting with me. Then my drink numbed brain recalled that I had been telling them about my wife.

As my eyes dropped to the picture of my wife a dark hand lifted it from the table. MY eyes followed the hand as it brought it closer to Jerome's face. A closer look, I didn't blame him. Then he looked at me and for a moment I saw in his eyes his desire to get her in bed. Dropping the picture he muttered nice figure, photogenic.

I didn't dwell on either her petite 109 5 foot 6 inch 34 X 21 X 33 figure or her beauty. To do so would have been to much like bragging. Besides, both were apparent in the photo that now lay before me on the table. As I looked down into her lightly freckled smiling face outlined by shimmering waves of light red hair that fell a good six inches below her shoulders a lump formed in my throat.

Swallowing the lump that threatened to choke me I slurred that it was three weeks ago that I first noticed a change in her. You see I hadn't been home much over the last four, five months. I'd been working my ass off opening three new satellites offices. One each in Birmingham and Mobile and another right here in Montgomery, over on the east side.

Anyway I finally had the grand opening of the third and final store, the one in Birmingham. After the ceremonies I jumped into my car and drove all day. I guess you can say I was anxious to get home after an absence of better then three weeks. I think it was about 8 o'clock when I pulled up to the house cause the sun was just dropping below the horizon.

I remember thinking what a beautiful sunset as I strolled toward the house. What? Shit I don't honestly know why I parked on the street instead of pulling into the driveway. Maybe it was to stretch my legs cause I'd been behind the wheel for hours. Hell I hadn't even stopped for a piss break after leaving Birmingham.

Besides, why I did so isn't really important, is it? I mean at that particular point in time I had no reason to suspect she was other then a loving faithful wife. Anyway as I'm walking across the lawn toward the house she stepped out the door.

I stopped dead in my tracks and I mean to tell you my eye balls popped out of their sockets and my cock got as hard as a 2 X 4. She must not have seen me as I was standing in the shadow of the big oak tree in the front yard.

You know the one I'm talking about Frank. That big old one almost directly in front of the door and about a hundred feet away. Anyway, I'm standing there like a statue with my mouth gapped open wanting to say honey I'm home but not a fucking word comes out. For a second she paused and seemed to look directly at me but then she turned and walked to her car.

In those few seconds that she had stood there seemingly looking through me, every detail of her features and dress were emblazoned on my brain. She was wearing this moleskin looking outfit. An outfit, which by the way, I'd never seen her wear before.

The lace up halter top, which because of its cut as well as the lack of a blouse made it very evident that beneath the soft material she wasn't wearing a bra. The form fitting matching hipster mini skirt, which was at least six inches above her knees had a slit up the left thigh that damn near went from hem to waist.

As she slid behind the wheel the skirt parted showing a goodly amount of inner thigh. In that split second before she closed the car door I could swear I caught a glimpse of bare crotch. As she backed down the driveway I simply stood there dumbstruck unable to move. Like some cartoon character my head rotated following her progress down the street.

Still looking in the direction her car had disappeared I walked toward the house wondering were the hell she was going dressed like that. Don't get me wrong, I mean when she's not working she does wear some sexy clothes. But Jesus H Christ the way she was dressed that night it was as if she were flaunting her charms or advertising.

By midnight when she still hadn't gotten home I went out to the car thinking maybe I ought to go looking for her. But as I started the car the thought of where the hell do I begin looking for her struck me. So instead of driving around like some jealous husband I shut off the ignition and went back into the house.

I must have fallen asleep in front of the TV cause the next thing I remember was the sound of the front door opening. Through eyes heavy with sleep I glanced at my watch and saw it was 2:53. As I sat there rubbing the sleep from my eyes she came into the den muttering that she thought she'd turned off the TV.

She was almost to the TV when I said hi honey. I almost laughed when she spun about and nearly tripped over her fringe platform vamp sandals with 4 inch heels. The hand covering her mouth did little to stifle the choked gasp that burst from her lips.

For a moment she looked at me with a mixture of surprise and trepidation then softly asked when I'd gotten home. Even as I opened my mouth to answer she slipped onto my lap and began kissing me. A part of my mind whispered that her lips, her mouth tasted funny as we kissed, but because I was so glad she was once again in my arms I ignored the warning whisper.

Breaking the kiss she stood, then taking my hand pulled me from the chair saying lets go to bed. That night, or rather morning, she gave me a blow job like never before. The next thing I knew she was shaking me awake, wanting to know if I was going to work.

I remember smiling up at her, telling her the grand opening for the Birmingham store had been yesterday. That unless something unforeseen or drastic happened I wouldn't be away from home for extended periods anymore, at least not like I had been.

It was then that I brought up the outfit she'd worn the day before, teasing her that before I'd even had a chance to see her in it she was out showing it to other men. Her body tensed and she pushed away from me. Instead of commenting on what I'd said her reply was that she had to get ready for work.

As she turned and walked to her closet her murmured reply was spoken so softly I didn't catch it all. Something about Jefferson, but because it made no sense to me it wasn't until later that I fathomed what she'd said. Maybe the reason I hadn't grasped it immediately was because my mind wasn't on why she had worn such a revealing dress last night, but where.

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As she stood before her closet I walked up behind her and after encircling her in my arms kissed the back of her neck. She stiffened as I nuzzled her ear and asked if the reason she'd worn such a sexy outfit last night was because she had gone to one of those male strip clubs.

She didn't answer right away, nor did she turn in my arms and look at me, she simply stood there as if frozen. Then softly she said I was right. Then without going into detail and smoothly changing the subject she said she had to go to work and since I didn't, the least I could do was make the coffee.

Twenty minutes later as I was sitting in the kitchen having coffee she came down and joined me. My gasped reaction, the spraying of coffee all over the table as I stared at her in disbelief was almost comical.

Instead of the usual business suite I was accustomed to seeing her in she had on a shear-look mesh slip-dress with scallop lace bust and spaghetti straps. In disbelief I sputtered what, why. She didn't say a word, simply stood there for a minute looking at me.

There was no expression on her face, yet for a split second as I stared at her I had the silly impression she was wanting to tell me something. Then glancing up at the clock she said she was running late, that she'd get coffee at the school cafeteria.

Abruptly turning about she walked away, but before she walked out the door she stopped and turned around. I don't remember her exact words but the jest of it was that just because I didn't find her sexy didn't mean that others didn't and then she slammed the door.

Her words swirled about in my head like a tornado threatening to implode my brain. Stunned I simply sat there like a bump on a log instead of running after her and demanding to know what she'd meant.

About 9:30 with my head hurting from trying to figure out the meaning of her words as well as what the hell was going on I jumped into my car and started driving. I hadn't thought about where I was going till I found myself near my new store on the east side. But even there all I did was try to make sense of her parting words that morning.

Finally about 2 o'clock I called the school with the intention of asking her if she'd like to have a romantic dinner at Robinousky's. But her secretary informed me that she was in a meeting with the coach and two other teachers. She promised to leave a message but that's all she could do as she was leaving in a half hour.

Regina never returned my call and when I got home at 6:00 she was fixing dinner. I asked how her day had gone. Her answer of fine was barely above a whisper. Without understanding why I did so I grinned like a Cheshire cat when I asked how her meeting with the coach and the others had gone.

Her answer, instead of being nonchalant as before took on a defensive tone as she asked how I'd known about her meeting. I told her I'd called to tell her I wanted to take her out to dinner but her secretary had informed she was in a meeting couldn't be disturbed. Hadn't she gotten my message? "No!"

The next morning when I awoke she'd already gotten up. When I entered the kitchen she was at the sink with her back to me. Though once again she wasn't wearing her business suite the dress she was wearing, at least from the back appeared much more conservative then the one from the day before.

As I stepped up behind her and enfolded her in my arms as well as teasingly humping against her pert tight ass she shied away. Disengaging herself from my arms she turned and faced me. My mouth fell open and I almost screamed who the fuck is the son of a bitch but only a sputtering gasp came out.

Her mouth moved and I knew she was speaking but nothing she said made any sense to me. I don't think a celibate priest would have understood a word of what she was saying either because of the way she was dressed.

What, oh it was a form fitting red mesh and lace top with flowing bell sleeves and a stretch lace waist. The plunging neckline of the blouse as well as its sheerness made it very apparent that once again she wasn't wearing a bra. Fuck doesn't she believe in lingerie anymore I wondered.

Her skirt, of like material and color as her blouse, and damn near as transparent fell to just above her knees. But in addition to the sheerness of the skirt, which in and of itself was bad enough, there was a slit running up the right side damn near to mid thigh.

As she stepped by me the top of her scallop lace stocking was all to visible and I wondered if beneath the shear skirt she had anything else on beside her stockings. Despite my befuddlement, despite my anger at her possible infidelity, my cock got as hard as a poker.

I wanted to throw her to the floor right then and there and fuck her brains out despite the torment I felt about her possibly cheating on me. Yet like an idiot I simply stood there with mouth open as she walked out the door.

As stupid as it sounds the thought that ran through my mind as I watched her go through the door was that even though I wasn't going to be the one doing it she was going to get her brains fucked out that day. Little did I know just how true that thought was to be.

Visions of teachers, and yes even some of the students sniffing around her like dogs around a bitch in heat filled my brain. Flashes of teachers wafted in front of me and quickly dissipated for other then a fat slovenly white science teacher the rest were black and I couldn't see her making love to any of them. So who the hell was the guy she was fucking?

Pausing for a moment I took a swallow of the new rum and coke that had been placed before me then I looked up into Franks eyes asking if he hadn't been aware of the change in her. Don't yes but me God damn it Frank, how fucking long damn it.

Jesus Frank, a couple of months, maybe three, three and a half and you never thought to say something. Never once thought of picking up the phone and calling me. Never thought of telling me that Regina was dressing sexy as hell. That she was a walking advertisement for Frederick's of Hollywood.

My tirade of bull shit about if I hadn't of been so wrapped up in making money. That if I hadn't of been gone almost from day one of our marriage I would have noticed was silenced by the three negro's laughingly saying it wasn't Franks place to keep an eye on my wife.

Yet Reginald, his face thoughtful asked if I'd caught Regina fucking a black man. If I hadn't well then my story, despite it being interesting and filled with possibilities could all be the work of my over active imagination.

Charles and Tyron sat silent, contemplative, yet if I had of looked into their eyes I would have seen a gleam there. Frank for his part blubbered that just because my wife went out when she hadn't expected me home didn't mean anything. Neither did the fact that she'd changed from her business suits to something more feminine.

As he rattled on my thoughts drifted back to other times. To the rare occasions when I had returned home unexpectedly after a prolonged absence. Had she been wearing such outfits then too. I couldn't remember with certainty but now I began to wonder and as I did so the possibility that she had been hit me like a sledge hammer between the eyes.

My head which had started to droop snapped up and with words slurred from drink I angrily fumed did they want to hear what I'd witnessed with my own two eyes. Huh, huh did they? Did they want to hear the sordid details of what I had discovered that same afternoon two weeks ago when for some reason I couldn't explain I decided to swing by the school instead of going directly home?

Would they like to hear how despite it being more then 2 hours since school had let out her car was still in the parking lot. Or perhaps how the front door that should have been locked wasn't. Did they want to hear how after discovering she wasn't in her office I looked in several nearby classrooms for her. Well then if so I'd God damn well tell them where I finally found her and what I witnessed.

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After looking in her office as well as several classrooms in the area and not finding her, the thought struck me that she'd had car trouble and that one of the teachers had given her a ride home. That even as I wandered the halls like an idiot searching for her she was sitting at home waiting for me.

As I pushed open the front door to leave the indistinct mutterings I'd been hearing all along while searching for my wife became clearer. What drew my attention to them I guess was not that the deep guttural mutterings suddenly became clearer. No, what drew my attention was that intermittently spaced amongst the male mutterings were the chocked gasp that were definitely feminine in nature.

Well at least I knew where the janitors were and what the hell they were doing I mumbled. It also explained why the school hadn't been locked up. Telling myself that it wasn't my place to worry about what was going on I took another step but then stopped. Call it curiosity, call it whatever you want, but the muffled sounds drifting from the area off to my right drew me like a magnet.

Releasing the door I slowly turned and walked in the direction the sounds were coming from. I was both curious and afraid of what I might find yet I was unable to stop my feet from moving forward. As I came to the end of the hallway and began to turn the corner leading to the three remaining classrooms and the boiler room a dark naked figure stepped out into the hall.

What the fuck I thought as I jumped back and hugged the wall silently praying he hadn't seen me. Well there's one of the janitors I mentally laughed as I risked a quick glance at a man who was so fat I knew he hadn't missed a meal in his life.

It wasn't just his obese body that drew my eyes in that quick glance, though in truth it was hard to miss. What drew my attention was the glistening semi hard protrusion swaying between his legs.

No, it was impossible. Such a thing as what was running through my mind at that moment was ridiculous, there was just no way. I mean even if my wife were cheating on me, which I still didn't know for certain, surely it wouldn't be with the likes of someone so grotesque.

I'm ashamed to admit though that despite my certainty that my wife would never have anything to do with such a gross person, a perverse feeling of arousal raced through me at just such a prospect occurring.

Taking a couple of steps away he paused then turned back and opened the door again. For a moment he stood there without saying a word simply shaking his head. There was no mistaking though that whatever he was looking at had an arousing effect for his cock twitched and started to stiffen.

Shaking his head again he chuckled damn nigger, you can't hardly wait till I's out the door fore you gots your face in that ho's snatch. With the door being open it wasn't hard for me to hear what was happening. The whimpering gasp of pleasure though made it uncertain whether I actually heard or just imagined the slurping of the negro's tongue pleasuring her.

At that moment in time as I listened to those gasping sobs of arousal I envied the two janitors, or at least the one tonguing her. I found myself wishing I could draw such response from my wife. Yet at the same time I wondered just who the hell was in that boiler room.

At first I thought it might be that young new substitute teacher fresh from collage. But I quickly discounted that thought opting instead for one of the cheerleaders? Why a cheerleader and not the teacher I mentioned? Well Jesus H Christ man because of all the stories you hear about cheerleaders wanton behavior.

Just as quickly as the thought hit me though I discounted that possibility as well. For despite all the stories one hears I figured a cheerleader would be a little more selective.

I mean, why would a girl that could take her pick of any jock, or teacher for that matter, spread her legs for two such negro's. I mean lets get real ok. One of em was the grotesque fat man before me and the other if I remembered correctly was a skinny old bastard pushing maybe 65.

No, it couldn't be a cheerleader, it had to be someone else. But who? Maybe the girl was one of those studious types that no one ever suspected of having sex. You know a be-speckled grade A student who despite her frumpy appearance is a smoldering sex pot.

You hear the stories like that all the time. A girl none of her class mates would ever think of fucking until one day, maybe as a joke, one of the jocks takes her out. A drink or two, a little touchy touchy along with kisses then the mention of a party at the lake.

A few more drinks, then more kisses as well as groping as she's passed from boy to boy. Then the inevitable happens. First the boy she came with knocks off a piece then after him the other jocks. She becomes their plaything. She's so thrilled by their attention that without question she performs every deviant sex act asked of her.

After that its only a matter of time before she's fucking any boy or man that either smiles or says a kind word to her. So yea I could see why it would be some girl like that. Then again because of all the different sexual possibilities my mind fixated on that one in particular.

Well whoever the girl was that was in that boiler room I snickered silently she sure was getting off having her snatch ate thats for sure. The whimpers of pleasure were becoming ever more frequent and increasing in volume as the fat negro continued to gaze at what was transpiring in the boiler room.

Mirth tinged his voice as he laughed better watch out dar Rufus, dat ho' likes as not gonna give your scrawny ass whip lash. Hows you going to splain that huh? Or is you just going to go round wif a neck brace bragging how it happen huh? Den again maybe you don't have to worry bout no neck brace. Way she be humping gainst you's face maybe she break you fool neck and kills yo' ass.

My mind began to run away with me. I imagined the inside of the boiler room. Imagined a not particularly pretty young girl, her legs up over the shoulders of the skinny negro trapping his head between her thighs. I saw her pelvis rotate and her buttocks bounce ever higher and faster in time to the thick tongue lathering, probing her pussy.

Then my attention was snapped back to reality as repeated passion choked sobs of yes filled the hallway. Inter-spaced with the sobs were garbled screams of nonsensical but yet soulful plea's. Plea's which, though I couldn't understand them were most definitely understood and answered by a smiling Marcus.

Now now, don't you worry dat pretty little red head of yours none I's gonna be right back. An when I does missy, if'n you ask real nice, an if'n ol Rufus dar ain't gots a broken neck den just maybe we'll double team you's again. Would you like that slut, would you like us to double team you again?

Unconsciously my hand dropped to my crotch as I strained to hear her answer. A heartbeat later when her passion garbled sputter of " Yes" touched my ears my own cock stiffened like a lead pipe. The fat negro's laughter reverberated off the walls as he chuckled you sure nuff be liking dat black cock don'cha white girl.

As he turned and walked toward me I almost panicked. What could I do, what could I say when he turned the corner and found me. In answer my brain gibbered tell him your looking for your wife, ask him if he's seen her. With that thought in mind I braced myself for the eventual confrontation but it never came.

Instead I heard a pleasurable sigh then the unmistakable sound of a man relieving himself. Taking a chance I peered around the corner. He was standing less the ten feet from me in the doorway of a storage closet pissing into a bucket. The stream of piss coming from his sex lubricated glistening cock seemed to go on forever.

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As it slowed to a trickle and he shook his cock to rid it of the last few drops he threw back his head and sighed Lordy that Mrs. Adams be one nasty bitch. His sigh turned to a mirthful chuckle as he mumbled dat fucking Jefferson sure nuff teached her right. Dar ain't nuttin' dat shameless ho won't do to pleasure a black man.

Didn't spec to have to pay to fuck da ho dough. Specially after catching da nasty bitch fucking dem boy's what makes up da schools basketball team. Wonder she knows whiles she was fucking dem young bucks dat da coach be filming it.

Well if'n she does or if'n don't ain't no cern mine. Don't really gib shit one way da other. Piss me off dough dat da coach done charge us. Fucker should ah just give her to us stead. Have to admit dough da ho's worth every bit da ten bucks Jefferson charge den some.

No never, not in a million years! My wife would never willingly do such a thing as fuck boys under her charge, let alone be photographed doing it. Never, not in a million years. And as for her being pimped like a common whore no fucking way.

But even as I tried to deny what I'd heard, the fat negro's last words burned into my brain as if by a branding iron. "Jefferson weren't lying none he say Mrs. A. be one horny nigger dick loving slut. Ain't never seen white girl what likes dark meat so much, and dat da truth."

As he strode back down the hall then opened the door and stepped inside I peeled myself from the wall and hurried after him. As my fingers closed on the edge of the door to keep it from closing all the way I tried to still my pounding heart.

My tortured brain grasped at straws and I prayed that it wasn't so, that it was all some kind of cruel joke. That the fat negro had known all along that I was around the corner from him and he was taunting me.

But what if he hadn't known I was there? What if it wasn't some kind of cruel joke? Did I truly want to find out. Did I want to be absolutely one hundred percent positive that it was my wife on the other side of the door. And if it was her, what then.

Would I burst into the room and confront them and in the process very likely get my head bashed in. Or would I simply stay as I was kneeling before a partially opened door and watch as the two janitors simultaneously thrust into her, fucked her like the insatiable wanton slut that the grotesque fat negro had claimed her to be.

Putting my eye to the opening I peered into the room and my heart fell into my stomach. Instead of the be-speckled student I had fantasied and prayed was with the janitors was my wife. There on a desk in all her glory lay my wife in but her thigh high stockings, 4 inch pumps and wire rimmed glasses.

Between her legs, his face still buried in her crotch, was the old skinny negro. His hands, tightly gripping her quivering pert ass cheeks was holding her in such a way that no part of her body except her head and shoulders was resting on the desk.

Beside the desk at her head stood the grotesque smiling fat man chuckling suck me ho. Without hesitation she turned her face to him. Her brightly painted lips parted slightly and her tongue licked over them as she did so. Releasing her hold on the old negro's head she reached for and grasped the nearly foot long glistening cock swaying before her.

Soft pleasurable murmuring issued from her lips as together with her slim fingers caressing and stroking his growing monstrosity she tongued and kissed the crown of his cock. As her lips, tongue and hand paid homage to his ever growing erection her other hand cradled and rolled his golf ball size testicles.

I had wondered upon seeing his cock the first time how this grotesque individual could be so large. He had to be a freak of nature, and now that I saw his nut sack clearly my suspicion seemed to be confirmed.

I had always believed that fat men had small cock's, roughly about as long and as big around as a middle finger. But here was one with a cock nearly a foot long and every bit as big around as my wife's wrist. Then the thought hit me of the amount of cum his balls produced.

Smiling down at her he said something I couldn't hear but I had no problem understanding her as she pulled back from sucking ravenously on the very tip of his cock. She raised her eyes to his then with voice quivering pleaded with him to fuck her, to shove his big black cock into her and fill her womb with his hot thick cum, to give her a black baby.

Yet instead of granting her wish he turned his back to her while spreading his legs widely apart. Wiggling his buttocks he pushed it to her face chuckling fore I's shove my baby maker in dat black cock loving cunt of your'n again Mrs. A I wants you's to kiss my ass. I wants that tongue of your'n lapping my ass hole like it be a chocolate sundae.

To my amazement and without the slightest murmur of protest she did as instructed. Together with turning slightly on her side she pushed her face almost to his buttocks. The contrast of her fingers against his almost midnight ass as she gripped then spread his ass cheeks both shocked yet fascinated me.

She seemed to be pulling him toward her as she twisted further onto her side and pushed her face to his buttocks. In the seconds before her glasses were knocked a-kilter as her nose pressed into his crack and her tongue flicked against his ass hole I clearly saw the spunk that had been deposited over her face earlier.

Like some animal feeding at a trough she tried to burrow her face deeper between the splayed cheeks of his ass. Again and again her face drew back slightly only to once more push between his splayed ass cheeks. It was like watching some ravenous carnivore rutting at some mouses burrow.

As her tongue paid him homage one of her hands slid down between his fat thighs. For a moment her fingers paused as they fluttered over then hefted his nut sack. It was as if she were weighing the large orbs or perhaps judging how much cum they held. Then her fingers moved upward to grasp his thick cock. For yet a third time I marveled at the contrast between their skin tones.

A guttural groan escaped his lips as her slim white fingers momentarily cradled and fondled his testicle sac. His guttural groan changed pitch to that almost like a stuck pig, and his breathing became labored when her fingers closed about his cock.

Slowly, lovingly she caressed the hardening black snake as unashamedly time and again her tongue traveled the full length of the crack between his butt cheeks. But it wasn't just the crack between his cheeks or the crinkly ring of his ass hole that her lips and tongue paid homage to. Time and again she planted kisses over his rolling ass cheeks hardly missing a spot.

His satisfaction at her evident willingness to pleasure him thus was apparent. Time and again he ...encouraged her performance as she tongued and lathered his ass hole as well as lovingly caressed his nearly foot long monster. I was so engrossed in the scene that for a minute I didn't notice that the old janitor had quit lapping her snatch.

It wasn't until he grabbed her hips and twisted her about so that she was now crossways on the desk instead of lengthwise that I noticed. Being in that position, and now without the old negro eating her out, she was able to devote one hundred percent of her attention to the fat negro's ass hole.

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With her feet firmly on the floor and her legs widely apart for support the only part of her body touching the desk were her elbows. Occasionally though her nipples would lightly brush across the polished surface of the desk as the fat negro pushed his buttocks tighter to her face rocking her backwards.

For long minutes her position never changed. Her sole purpose seemingly being the complete and absolute giving of pleasure to the fat negro in the disgusting manner in which she was servicing him. Quite often her muffled whimpers of servitude and obedience were drowned by the fat negro's ecstatic grunts of pleasure.

Her whimpers suddenly changed pitch and volume when the old skinny negro who'd been running his hands lightly over her sides and back reached under her. A shudder racked her body and a squeak burst from her lips as his fingers closed about and kneaded her pert firm breast.

Then like a farmer milking a cow his fingers began rolling and stretching her nipples. Her body seemed to vibrate with each pinch and pull but that wasn't her only reaction. Her legs which had been rigid and apart began to quiver and I thought for a moment she would collapse.

Constant rumblings of pleasure much like that of a contented cat issued from her throat. Her purring ceased though when he released her breast and moved his hands to her ass. But only for a moment, as after massaging her ass and adjusting her posture he dropped a hand between her splayed legs.

Whether it was just his fingers or his whole hand that caused her hips to quiver and jerk I wasn't certain. Whichever it was though it caused her to momentarily forgot the negro whose ass hole she had been tonguing. Her legs once again became rigid as together with trusting her ass backwards her legs edged slightly wider apart.

Her upper body fell to the desk as her hands, previously occupied with fondling and stroking the grotesque negro's testicles and cock moved back to grasp her own buttocks. She was not aware that even as she splayed her ass cheeks apart, thus affording the old negro fingering her cunt and ass hole better access, that the fat negro had moved around the desk to stand beside the other.

Whimpering lustful pleas for him to shove his fingers, his whole hand into her spilled from her trembling lips as she pushed back against the fingers. Laughter answered her pleas as her hips rotated and pushed back ever harder and faster. Then as Marcus slipped to the floor sprawling like a beached whale at their feet Rufus reached out and twisted his fingers into her long red hair.

Yanking her head both up and back he literally lifted her from the desk, turning her about as he did so. With back arched and face turned toward the pipes running overhead she could do nothing but let herself be guided as Rufus pushed her forward a couple a stumbling steps.

You could tell that his fingers were causing her pain as he endeavored to guide her. But it wasn't till she stumbled against the fat negro's feet and almost fell that a moan of pain passed her lips and her hands went to her tortured scalp.

Instead of releasing his hold on her though the old negro's fingers twisted tighter and he again yanked her head up and back. Whether she had been able to see the fat negro laying prone upon the floor in the split second her face had been down I can't say. But when she was again pushed forward she both widened her stance and shuffled forward slowly until finally she was over Marcus's broad hips.

The grotesque negro's voice, husky with perversion and arousal commanded her to straddle him as his fingers reached up and closed like a vice on her thighs. For the life of me I couldn't see how she could comply with his command but then Rufus released his hold on her hair giving her a slight shove at the same time.

Obediently and without hesitation she slowly squatted over him. As her legs bent and she sank lower, Marcus released her thighs. His hands like massive slabs of beef moved up her hips, over her slim waist to finally cover her proud small breast.

A deep chuckle and what sounded like you know what to do bitch issued from his lips. His fingers which had been kneading both small breast began to concentrate on her nipples. A shiver racked her body, then with a soft whimper she rose slightly and reached between their bodies grasping his cock and guiding it to the treasure I had thought was mine alone.

Another shudder racked her slim form and a loud gasp escaped her throat as the broad knob of his dick splayed her lips apart and entered her. For a moment her fingers continued to squeeze and stroke his dark monstrosity while she held herself poised above him. Then together with releasing his cock and sliding her hands over his fat stomach to his broad chest she lowered herself onto his cock.

Slowly, ever so slowly she began moving. Whimpering gasp of pleasure spilled from her lips as with each downward movement and quivering roll of her hips another inch or more of his massive cock slipped into her.

Faster, harder she ground her loins against his and as she did so he repeatedly chuckled what do you love Mrs. A. But instead of shaming her as I expected, his taunts were answered by choked gasp of black cock, I love black cock.

Her repeated whimpering' was answered by his contemptuous chuckle of I just knows you do ho. Right now dough you just worries bout pleasuring ol Marcus, don't you be thinking bout all dem other niggers what's pounded your snatch.

In answer to his jibs and taunts her hips and pelvis rolled and jerked atop him. Her actions assuring him more then words ever could that it was him and his cock that at that very moment she did indeed love above all others.

His rasping gasp of oh yea dat it, dat what I talking bout. Ride it Mrs. A. Ride dis ol fat niggers cock you nasty white ho filled the room and burned my ears as she unashamedly bounced and gyrated ever faster atop him.

With each upward movement six, eight inches of his sex lubricated dark cock was visible momentarily. Then with each shuddering downward movement and the grinding of her loins to his it disappeared. It was maybe on the tenth time she took him fully inside her that he chuckled don't you be forgetting ol Rufus dar slut.

Like an apparition that had suddenly become visible the old skinny negro appeared before her. His semi hard dick was in his hand and with a salacious grin he teasingly rubbed the bulbous leaking knob across her brightly painted lips.

For maybe all of five seconds, but for what seemed like an eternity to me it was as if she didn't hear him. It was as if her mind were elsewhere as her hands pushed from Marcus' chest and covered his rough dark ones which were mauling her breast.

Her back arched, and her head began to slowly move from side to side causing her long red hair to swirl about her. The old negro's cock pressed more persistently against her lips and in response they parted slightly and her tongue flicked out lapping up the pre cum oozing from it.

"Tells me what'ch wants Ms. Adams. Tells this old nigger wheres you wants him to pleasure you. Does you wants me to shove my licorice stick in your mouf again or does you wants me to shoves it in dat tight ass of your'n. Tell ol' Rufus what you's wants him to do Ms. Adams."

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At first it was but a whisper, then her voice choked with emotion grew stronger. Fuck me, oh God yes fuck me, both of you fuck me. Use me like the the black cock loving white trash whore I am. Fill me with your cock's and cum.

Grasping his cock in one hand he chuckled gleefully as he walked around behind her anything to make the principle happy. Dropping to one knee behind her he pressed a hand between her shoulder blades pushing her forward and down until her face was but centimeters from his fat friends own.

It was only natural that with her face so close to his Marcus would pull it the last quarter of an inch and press his lips to hers. Her hands which had been on his hairy chest slid forward to his broad shoulders then down beneath his thick neck. Then as hungrily, as passionately as he kissed her she kissed him in return.

The adjustment to her body also naturally put her pert ass in position to better accommodate the old negro and he took advantage of it. But before guiding his rigid cock between her tight firm butt cheeks he coughed up a hocker releasing it squarely on his rigid cock.

Grinning broadly he spread the gooey slimy mess over the bulbous crown of his cock. Then grabbing her butt cheeks tightly he pulled her to him. With a grin like that of a demonic devil he lunged forward sinking nearly half his nine or so inch fat dark cock into her.

With wheezing breath as he time and again roughly pushed into her he grunted is dis what you wanted ho? When she didn't answer immediately his thrust became more savage, more animalistic. Time and again he almost pulled fully from her only to lunge powerfully back into her.

Again and again he lunged into her and each time he thrust into her he ground and twisted his loins to her jiggling buttocks. But his wasn't the only cock thrusting into her so powerfully. Each time he drew back the whale beneath her pushed upwards into her.

Unable to tear my eyes away I watched as for untold endless minutes first one then the other powerfully, savagely, sadistically thrust his dark glistening cock deep into her. Her lips had long ago left Marcus's and from them came squeals and gasp as she rocked back against one then forward onto the other dark cock animalisticly using her.

The sounds, the sights of the perverted yet arousing scene taking place before me filled my eyes, my ears, my brain. An illusion as of a shimmering haze seemed to fill the air about them. An illusion compounded by the droplets of sweat falling onto her naked flesh from the grunting old negro over her. Each drop was as if onto a grease filled hot skillet.

As if they were in slow motion I saw the droplets of sweat drop from the laboring negro. Saw them contact her passion flushed shuddering flesh then splatter into a fine mist before drifting slowly down to the fat negro upon which she was straddled. I swear I heard each sizzle as the drops of perspiration contacted her writhing flesh.

Blending with the surreal scene as well as heightening it were the two negro's perverted commands breathlessly sputtered amongst their masculine grunts of labor. Their effect would not have been complete though without my wife's answering passion filled oomph's and ecstatic whimpers.

All, all burned into my brain, my soul as the men repeatedly and ever faster thrust powerfully and deeply into her. While my wife for her part writhed and quivered in wanton abandonment and perversion between them.

Once more pulling her face close to his Marcus said something that I couldn't make out. It wasn't till I heard her stuttering choked reply that she was theirs, that she was every negro's fuck toy to do with as they pleased did I understand what he had said to her.

The gasping whimpering moans of pleasure, of ecstasy spilling from her trembling lips as they animalisticly used her astonished and dumbfounded me. Yet what astonished me more was that she was literally skewering herself on each cock in turn as it impaled her.

Why, why she was willingly giving herself to two such men. But the question was mote for I already knew the answer, they had paid for her services. In fact if I could believe what the fat man had said earlier, and I had no reason to doubt otherwise since witnessing her performance, they were not the first to do so.

Shaking my head to clear it of all such thoughts I again focused my attention on the trio before me. On the lithe, sweat drenched writhing trembling form of my wife and the two trash talking negro's she was sandwiched between.

With a last synchronous powerful thrust along with grunts like wild beast the two janitors as one drove fully into her trembling twitching body. Her gurgling scream of what could only have been rapture all but drowned out the two janitors combined guttural groans of release and satisfaction as together they emptied their seed into her orifices.

Her choked repeated sobs of yes, oh God yes, so good, so good scorched my ears and threatened to boil my brain. In shock I fall backwards but before my numb fingers released the door I heard one of them chuckle you sure nuff know how to pleasure your betters Mrs. Adams.

I don't remember leaving the school. I don't even remember driving but when I arrived home to a darkened house her car was in the driveway. But how could that be because I had only just left the school. Or had I? Had this evening been real or had it been some kind of erotic dream or nightmare.

With those final words my head which had been growing ever more heavy dropped to the table. As it did so my eyes, blurry from drink, imploring searched the faces about me seeking an answer to my question.

Whether I mumbled or spoke clearly as I asked was that enough proof to satisfy them I don't know. But I honestly didn't care one way or the other as a dark shroud fell over my drink numbed brain shutting down all my senses.

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