Vanaja Aunty  


I am Rahul age 19 just finished my plus 2 and gonna go to college to study eng. We have a new neighbour in our upper portion of the house which is Uncle Rohit and His wife Vanaja with their 9 months old baby. Both of them are in their 30's and Uncle Rohit is working as an Eng in a MNC Firm in Madras and he travels around onsite mos of the time and he jsut got transfered to Madras recently. I heard them talking to my parents that they got married late and so on and I found out Uncle is 40 and Aunty Vanaja is 35.

Dad told Uncle Rohit that I am going to study Engg as well and since then Uncle Rohit told me I can ask him if I have any doubt in study or carrer advancement and for this reason I used to go to their house for study purpose kind of a Q&A session and in the meantime my Mom will sometime cook for Aunty Vanaja in the afternoon and I will pass it to her.

I am home most of the time since the intake have not started yet and this one day mom cooked the lunch for Aunty Vanaja and inform me to heat it up before send it to her for lunch time and my dad and her left to our relatives house and she said she will be back the day after and she asked me to take dinner outside since I dont want to follow her to relatives house. I said ok and as she infomrmed me I theat up the food and brought it over to upstairs house and called up Aunty Vanaja and she said "HI Rahul come in ...I am in the room feeding the baby please leave the lunch on the dining table"

Then I went in since the door is not locked and I put the food on the table and I heard Aunty Vanaja said " Rahul can you please wait for me at the hall? I will be out in a while " and I said "ok Aunty". Then after a while I saw Aunty Vanaja came out with a shirt and tight pantsup to her knee anad she sat infront of me and ask me whether I want anything to drink and I said " No it is alright Aunty I am fine " Then she said " I am sorry could attend you just now couse I was feeding the baby and put him to sleep. Then I asked "What brand you use for the baby Aunty ?" Then she asked "What you mean ?" Then I said I mean the milk powder" Then she laughed and said " Oh I am still breast feeding him Rahul" and I was a bit shy and said " Sorry Aunty I didnt mean to be rude " She said " Its ok Rahul....I like your straightfowardness". and she smiled at me. I was blushing and then i asked " Can i asked you something Aunty?" Then she said "Yah sure what is it " and I said " IS it painful when the baby drinks the milk?"

Then she looked at me and said " Not really why are you asking ?" and I said "No nothing I think I better go " Then she asked I thought your parents arent home ?" I said "yah They will be back tommorow " and she said "Then why are you rushing back why dont you stay here until Uncle comes back and we can later go for dinner togehter since I and the baby are alon here?" Then I said " Ok then I find it a good idea too" Then she asked " So then you havent an my questioned yet why you asked me whether it is painful or not?
I begin to shy away an said " Nothing Aunty ...I am sorry ... i should nt have said that " Then she said " Its alright Rahul it is common to have curiosity at this age afterall you are a GROWING CHILD or I should say GROWN UP MAN "

Then I said " No I was just thinking if you dont mind can I tell you the truth ?"
She said " Sure " Then I said " Well when I watch xxx film the women used to scream or moan when the man suck their nipples so I thought of the same for you" The she laughed and said "Oh boy you are a virgin arent you the way how old are you Rahul?" I said " I am 19 " Then she uttered " Hmmmmm
you are fresh at age and sex i guess well listen when you see the women in the movie they are not is PAIN but they are in PLEASURE thats is why they shout understand?" I asked " R u in pleasure too when you breast feed" Then she said not when breast feed but when uncle sucks the breast !" I was shocked and a bit shy ans tatred to blushed as a guy i never feelt like this before. I can feel my rod begin to hardened and the bulging can be noticeable with the shorts whic I am wearing.

Aunties eyes begin to run over my crotch and she asked "do you have a grilfriend?" I said no and the she said "what you do when you are horny ?" I was abit shy and shocked and then I answer " well I watched blue film or I masturbate" and then she she smiled at me and said " Hvae you taste a women's breast before ?" and I said " I have only seen in the movies and nothing more " Then Aunty said "If you have a chance will you try it ?" She asked with a naughty smile and I immediately ans "Of course I really like to touch a real breast and taste them ...Hope you dont mind I am being a bit vulgar " She said " Its ok Rahul we are adults and you have to be open minded when you talk these things it is not something worng u know the way would you like ot taste my breast !?" The I looked at ther and she looked at me and I was speechless and she asked ' Why you dont fidn me attractive ?" Then I said "Not like that it jsut that I am a bit shy " Then she asked me to follow her to the room and i followed and then she closed the room door and she sat on the bed and take off her T-shirt and ask me to help her to unhooked her bra and I begin to see her 36D juggs which is wheatish in color and the I removed her bra and I saw th nipples are in pink color tempting me to taste them and I begin have saliva in my mouth and she asked "Are you going to jsut watch it or taste it ?" Then Slowly I moved my mouth to her niples and on of my hand touches her other breasts and slowly caress them while I rubb the other nipples softly with my lips andnI can feel the nipples are getting harder and stiffened and Aunty moaned slowly and I statred to jolt out my toungue and lick her nipples and suck it and I can taste her flowing milk coming out and she asked " How does it taste ....? Do you like it ?" I said " mmmhhhmhhhmmm I like it very much Aunty " Then I begin to suck her vigorously and lustfully and I can hear she moans " Argh .....muna......argh ........argh hhmmhhmmmmhm.....ayes....yes....argh ..
harder baby suck me harder ......hmmmhmmmm...jmmmhmmm....more ....i want more ............argh...argh........" i begin to bite her softly on the nipples and pull it out with my teeth and sometimes I nible with my lips and twist around the nipple with my toungue and suck the nipple out and she will moan in ectasy when I do that.

Then she asked me to stripped my clothes and I did as she said I took off my t Shirt and then I dropped by shorts and my "GUN" already fully erected and bulging out from my underwear and she can see the TIP of my GUN and she was amazed ans said "Oh my Goodness what a Huge one you have there " Give it to me baby now is my turn to drink your "MILK" and she started to take in into her mouth I lie down on the bed and lenjoy her soft lips exploring my ROD vigouroulsy she increase the tempo faster and faster and I begin to moan and the rod is HARD ROCK and I am in lost in desire and suddenly I moaned "argh ...argh ....argh Aunty I am coming......." and she jsut keep it in her mouth and continue the blowjob until I cummed into her mouth and she "dranked " every drop of it. She asked "How do you feel ? I said " It is great Aunty does it taste " She said " It taste good and please dont call me Aunty but call me Vanaja "

Then I said "Ok Vanaja". Then she begin to asked me to to lick her and pushed my head to her inner thighs and I saw her valley of honey is wet and warm and I can smell the 'honey' whihc is flowing and she said "Faster nah i can t wait please taste me nah" and I begin to swirl my toungue in her most erogenous area and she begin to moan and sowly I begin to lick her clit and she started to squirmed and she getting more wet and she moan " Argh rahul oh yes ...yah .....thats it nah ....oh rahul ....yes over there ....dont stop....more ......argh ...argh....."

I begin to explore her inner valley with my toungue ...I swirl my toungue inside her vagina and 'suck the honey ' which is flowing like a waterfall and she begin to feel the ectasy of my 'eating'. I 'eat' her pussy with vigourously now until she started to squil and moan with more deeper voice "Ohhhh rahul ....nah ...nah....argh ....rahul pls stop....argh ......argh......I
i am cumming.....argh..a.rgh..argh..ragh....oh"

I felt the sudden gush of liquid from her vagina flowing out and made my mouth wet and her in between thigh is wet. She pulled my head on to and bring my face to her face and kissed me and said "You are good licker rahul ....not bad for a beginner " I just smiled at her and said " You are delicious "

Posted : 28/09/2011 9:33 am