Wife Swapping In Odisha  


My wife Sarita is37 & I am Rakesh at 42. We are staying at Bhubaneswar, Orissa,I am a mechanical engineer,  working in a factory in industrial area of here. My wife is a housewife. We have two children reading in schools.
I was lucky to be in the job because my friend Basanta was also working in the same factory as HRD. His wife Barsa by coincidence was also working the same factory as a computer programmer. I am married for last 10 years. My wife is very sweet, sexy and hot. We are very close with Basanta and Barsa.When Basanta is about 34 his wife Barsa is in 30. They have been married for 5-6 years with 1 kid. We males have been sharing porn movies when our wives are away for monthly kitty club meet in every week end as we were staying in same colony.
Once we were watching a porn movie which had an orgy scene with 4 couples. We looked at each other and I was suggested if we can have a same. We decided to consult our wives. One night while watching one such movie with my wife I suggested her and she agreed. Next day in the office I came to know, Basanta’s wife also agreed with this proposal as both our wives were board minded, bold and sexy after all. Same weekend was decided to have a party at our place.
That day we all had dinner at my place they put their children to sleep in their bed room with our children. My wife bolted the door from outside. While we two were talking in balcony, our wives went to change. They came to balcony and it was a stunning sight. There were two gorgeous sexy females. Barsa changed to transparent white nightee this time she was not wearing any bra or panties. My wife was wearing churidar with out panties. I was wearing only lungi I was naked waist above I dint get to wear the underwear. Basanta was the only person properly dressed. The ladies were smiling a meaning smile on their lips.
We came back & sat in the hall on the sofa. Basanta sitting on the center sofa and I was on right side sofa, my wife on the left side sofa. Barsa came over sat next to his husband. We started watching same movie and waiting for others to make a move. It was Basanta who started kissing his wife Barsa first. I followed by passionately kissing my wife. We also were watching them while kissing each others tongue to tongue.
While I was squeezing my wife’s boobs from over chudidar, I felt a hand coming towards her boobs. It was Basanta. I left her and went on to Barsa. That was the first exchange. I put my right hand over her shoulder into her nightee started caressing her breasts, I continued to pull up her nightee to her waist & started rubbing her cunt with my left hand while she had opened my lungi and stroking my dick on everybody’s view. As I turned to see what others were doing.
I looked at her husband Basanta he was encouraging me to continue. He had already gone up to my wife he was sitting next to her & kneading her breasts while my wife was rubbing his thighs over his pants. I was getting excited I started encouraging Basanta to proceed further. Barsa had meanwhile removed her nightee & was on her knees; sucking my cock vigorously bringing me to a great orgasm I ejected loads of cum in her mouth as I was very excited for first time I was do it with another lady.
She excused herself to the bath room to wash her mouth. Meanwhile Basanta & my wife had gotten naked, they were on the floor, my wife was lying on her back with her legs spread & Basanta was licking her cunt. I walked up to them, Basanta had a 4 inch long & slightly thicker cock, I got down next to them my hip next to my wife, she immediately took my limp cock in her mouth & started sucking, I was enjoying the suck,& watching Basanta in action.
He was holding my wife’s thighs with both his hands & inserting his tongue deep into my wife’s pussy, he looked up & saw his fuck partner (my wife)sucking my cock & smiled at me, his nose, mustache, cheek, chin &were gleaming with my wife’s love juices. Meanwhile Barsa came from the wash room & sat on my face, I spread her pussy lips with my fingers & inserted my tongue into her juicy pussy,then I inserted my fingers into her pussy & started finger fucking her while licking & sucking her clit.
Barsa bent on to my dick & was kissing & sucking my balls while my wife continued sucking my cock. She soon had a flowing orgasm crushing my face with her thighs & sucking daylights out of my balls while her juices flowed allover my face, my wife also had couple of orgasms sensing by the way she sucked my cock. Slowly Barsa released me & said she wanted my dick in her juicy pussy.
I removed my cock from my wife’s mouth stood up & made Barsa to lay next to my wife, spread her thighs & inserted my cock in her cunt,(in missionary position) she took it in with a aloud moan ”Ummmmmmmmm”,I started pumping her with full thrusts, I bent over her while continuing to pump her,with one hand I was squeezing her breasts & with the other I was squeezing my wife’s breasts who was laying next to us.
Basanta following us came over my wife & inserted his cock in my wife’s cunt & was pumping her, (This is a real ecstasy, if any one had an experience of it, fucking a lady with her husband next to you & your wife being fucked by another guy with you next to her),all this added to my excitement, I was pumping Barsa with extra vigor & pace, She was screaming at top of her voice, scratching my back, Barsa had 2-3 orgasms before I ejected the best orgasm I ever had. I and Barsa slowed down & rested in the same position for few minutes, and then I got up.
Basanta was continuing to pump my wife while trying to do fast strokes he had trouble keeping his dick in my wife’s cunt, it kept coming out & my wife was pushing it back in. I let him take his own time, went & lay next to my wife & started sucking her boobs, soon Basanta ejaculated in my wife’s cunt,& got up while I continued sucking my wife’s boobs,this continued for some time,
I don’t know how but I dozed off sucking her boobs. When I woke up I was still naked. Basanta was sitting on the sofa also naked watching TV, Barsa & my wife were setting some coffee for us were also naked. My dick once attained its full glory erection. Basanta called me & asked me to sit by him until coffee is served, he was all praise for my wife, and he was attracted to my wife’s huge breasts, he loved the sweet taste of my wife’s love juices, the way she sucks his cock (my wife play’s her tongue over the cock head while sucking occasionally deep throats) & drink’s the cum which his wife never dose.
He then started to praise my dick “hey you’ve got a lovely piece of equipment between your legs good length & thickness,” saying that he suddenly bent down grabbed my cock & kissed it. I have never sat naked next to another man, let alone allow any guy to touch my penis; he just kissed my dick,I dint know how to react but my cock seem to be enjoying it was throbbing in his hands. He let off my cock.
Coffee was served & after that I had suggested all of us should sleep in our master bed room, which all accepted, we three went to bed room while my wife went to keep the tray and cups in kitchen and to close the door. It seemed flush from the fucking and I sat beside Barsa on the bed caressing her cunt with my fingers. Basanta came over and held her legs apart as I again settled between her legs to gaze up at her nakedness. I held her knees up and looked at her puckered arse-hole. Unable to hold back, I planted a kiss on the pink wrinkle lined hole.
When I let my tongue probe the hole, Barsa drew in a sharp breath and shuddered. By the time Sarita came back from kitchen, Basanta & I had both gone down on her with him sucking her breasts and me eating her wet cunt out. Barsa came and sat beside us watching the scene unfold. I settled down to sucking on Sarita's cunt to drink the juices that were now flowing again.
While I feasted on her, I felt Basanta straighten up and nudge at me to move back. When I looked up, I found his eyes had a glazed look as with one hand he had cupped Sarita head and was pushing her towards Barsa's cunt. I moved over and pushed at Sarita's bottom to get her between Barsa's legs and even as Barsa watched holding her breath,
Basanta got Sarita to place her mouth on Barsa's cunt. It took some time for Sarita to get used to this, but slowly, she began to lap at Barsa's cunt. Barsa was moaning now and encouraged by the sound, Sarita placed kisses all over the open pussy and began to lick the wet slit. Soon they were lost to us and Sarita worked Barsa up into a series of orgasms.
When Barsa could take no more, she grasped at Sarita's shoulders & pulled her upwards. Still lying down, she looked into Sarita's eyes and pulled her waist towards her face. Sarita seemed to understand and positioning her knees beside Barsa's face, she lowered her exposed cunt on Barsa's mouth. The moment Barsa's open mouth made contact with Sarita's pussy; Sarita arched her back and moaned. Basanta and I were now again getting hard-ons. Barsa was now totally into the groove pleasuring Sarita and was feverishly lapping at the wet opening of her cunt.
By the time, Sarita's orgasms subsided, Basanta was again ready to fuck her and tearing her away from his wife, he thrust his cock into Sarita again and proceeded to fuck her. Both Basanta & I lasted a lot longer this time and we were all thoroughly satiated when we went of to sleep cradling each other's naked wives. So any couple of Orissa interested for such kind of swapping fun with two couple of us please contact on our ID swapcpl65@yahoo.com. No time waster, single and lair please.

Posted : 27/04/2013 10:43 am