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Wild Summer with Mousi Anju  


Today, life is nothing short of a sexual heaven for me. I have
experienced every shade of sexual pleasure, from simple to perverse
to downright nasty, and with every type of partner, including some
lovely pets. The initial spark was ignited by my darling Aunt Anju or
Anju Mausi as I will call her frequently in this story.

First a little about myself. I was just ***edited*** when it all started. I was a very slim beautiful almost
girlish boy at that time, with a smooth, fair and almost hairless
complexion. I was everyone's favorite and seemed to arouse the strong
maternal and loving feelings amongst the elder females; and as it
turned out, males too!

The whole family had gathered for a wedding. There was a huge crowd
of aunts, uncles, nephews and god knows how many others, all trying
to make do in the couple of rooms that were given to the bridal
party. Only Vinay uncle was away on a tour and couldn't make it. In
the general chaos, I and Anju Mausi were the last two to get dressed
and others had gone ahead, exhorting us to hurry up and join them. In
the small changing room, typical of the many marriage halls in India,
we were alone for five minutes as I quickly dressed.

Anju Mausi had just come out of the bathroom wearing only a petticoat
and bra, her towel wrapped around her shoulders. As she looked on me
almost as a son, she unhesitatingly removed the towel, facing the
other way and then put on her blouse. Then she started wrapping her
sari around her, intent on getting it correct, unmindful of my
presence. I too inadvertently kept watching and for the first time
noticed her soft smooth back and the clearly visible straps of black
bra that she wore under her sheer black chiffon blouse. The straps
were a little tight and clung to her soft flesh making a delightful
little bulge around them, where they dug in.

Without realizing it, my suddenly intent gaze traveled to her bare
waist and then the round soft buttocks, easily discernible under the
rippling petticoat, before the sari hid them. I stood still, admiring
her slightly plump but shapely figure. She turned around many times,
while tying the sari, looking in the mirror, showing her profile
repeated to me, and I gazed speechless at the soft substantial rise
of her breasts.

I really don't know why I never noticed those womanly mounds earlier.
When she bent a little, straightening the folds of her sari, her
pallav (The front portion of the sari) hanging down over her arms, I
had a clear glimpse of a lovely d├ęcolletage. I just could not fathom
why this beautiful heavenly motherly angel had never appeared as a
female to me. I suddenly noticed a tingling pleasure in my penis and
was aghast at the stiff erection I somehow seemed to have acquired. I
turned around, made a show of searching for something and then left,
hot under the collar.

My whole perception of her changed after that and I had an intense
orgasm while masturbating that night, all the while dreaming purple
dreams about her. After struggling futilely for a day with my
conscience, I capitulated to my lust and left no opportunity to watch
her as much as I could safely, without alarming her. Here I was wrong
for she did notice immediately, as she told me later one night in bed
and this surreptitious watching had a big bearing on our intimacy

I noticed everything about her after that, her smooth silken
complexion, the slight wrinkles around the mouth and eyes especially
when she laughed, the silken black hair, with just a few silver
strands and finally the heavenly body. I also started noticing how
pretty and delicate her feet were, with their long slim toes, a fair
smooth skin and the round arches. I even noticed the fair pink
healthy skin on the soles when she walked or stood on tiptoes and was
greatly turned on by it.

On the last day of the gathering when everyone was set to disperse,
the house became so crowded that it became necessary to share the
beds for that night. Anju Mausi affectionately pulled me to her bosom
and told me that I could sleep with her. There were three other beds
in the crowded room, and all had mosquito nets because the house was
full of the pests. It was winter so of course big fat quilts were
provided on every bed. Some elderly distant relatives took up the
other beds and they were fast asleep by the time Anju Mausi got into
the bed, well past midnight after a big family talkathon. I had
turned in early and already had a nap.

I woke up when she affectionately put her arms around me and cuddled
up, drawing the quilt over our heads. My face nestled against her
soft ample bosom and the delicate feminine smell was so sensuous that
I got an instant hard on, in spite of my efforts to control my ardor.
The erection was the culmination of my secret long standing
infatuation with this sweet younger sister of my mother; her beauty
and the extra glamour of the wedding clothes and jewelry had added to
her attraction.

I tried to draw back but she had already sensed my erection and
pulled me even closer. I could sense that she was in a naughty and
sexy mood as she lifted one leg and put it over my body, drawing me
tighter into her bosom. She murmured in my ear that I was a naughty
boy but very sweet and she was going to show me how much she loved
me. ("Akshay, tu itna badmash hoga mujhe pata nahin tha, apni sagee
Mausi ko dekh kar hi excite ho gaya? tera lund dekh kaisa khada

She then clamped her sweet mouth over mine and kissed me voraciously
while her hands got busy opening up her blouse. The kiss was out of
this world, being my first and I just sucked on the soft wet lips
hungrily. I could then sense her unbuckling her bra. She broke the
kiss and pushed my head down again and suddenly my cheeks felt two
soft fleshy mounds suffocating me and two stiff hard peanuts poked me
in my face. I knew that these were the nipples and I opened my mouth
and took one in my mouth eagerly and started suckling like a baby.
She moaned and I was afraid for an instant that others in the room
would hear the commotion. But then I realized that the net and the
quilt were perfect curtains to shield us from the other beds even if
some one was awake. By now Mausi was unbearably excited and she just
opened my pajamas and took the stiff hard penis in her hand. It was
all I could do not to come then and there.

Next, I sensed a swift wriggling of her body, a result of her taking
off her panties. Before I knew what was happening, she had opened her
legs, inserted my penis in her wet hot cunt and closed her legs
around my waist. She started humping against me and I too followed
suit. She suddenly turned and pinned me down below her, her nipple
still in my mouth. She then impatiently stuffed more of her breast in
my mouth and started fucking me steadily and silently, with short but
intense humps, to avoid making any noise. It still resulted in soft
groaning sounds that the bed made as it shook with the hectic

I was now totally pinned below her, almost suffocating in the soft
flesh of her breasts, but it was a very heady feeling and I did not
mind her plump heavy body completely enveloping me. The feeling in my
penis was so sweet that I ejaculated and moaned, gagging against the
soft flesh in my mouth. She realized that I had come but did not
interrupt her humping as if it was of no consequence and I could hear
her heavy breathing as she strained to attain release. She turned out
to be right as my youth ensured that I did not flag but remained
hard, with the sweet friction again slowly arousing me almost
immediately. This time I was more careful and somehow held on till
she herself gasped and went rigid, her wet hot flesh quivering
against my penis. Then I too came again and sobbed against her breast
with fulfillment.

She slowly turned on her side again and kissed me fondly. She
murmured in my ears and asked me whether I had liked it. When I
kissed her with affection and buried my face in her breasts, she
crushed me in her arms and then asked whether I wanted more of the
same and much more, alone, without any body interfering. ("Akshay,
mujhsey sambhog karega, akele mein, bol Mausi ko chodega?") I eagerly
answered her, begging her to let me be with her, as I loved her so
much. Anju Mausi laughed and said that I must come and pass the
summer holidays with her. She said that she would talk to mom and
make sure I came to stay with her in the holidays.

We drifted off to sleep then and this horny Mausi of mine kept my
penis in her cunt possessively all night, and continued to lie on top
of me. I bore her considerable weight patiently as I was deeply in
love and would have done anything for her. Early in the morning,
before getting up, she fucked me once more and then left, purring
with satisfaction. My only regret was that all this happened in total
darkness under the quilt and I could not get even a glimpse of her
sensuous body.

To cut a long story short, she casually managed to convince my mom to
send me to her place in Bhopal as soon as summer vacation started.
Mom wanted me in Pune as she said that she had thought I should do
some summer course. Finally as a compromise, it was agreed that Mausi
would enroll me in a class near her home and I could spend the
complete two months of summer with her and Vinay uncle. When we
parted, she looked at me conspiratorially and I could see a lot of
longing and lust in her eyes and was glad of the fact that she found
me cute enough to be of use to her sexually. But she sternly warned
me that she did not want to see any decrease in my marks in the exams
otherwise the whole thing was off.

Needless to say, I exercised tremendous self-control and managed to
stand third in the class to everyone's satisfaction. Mausi called me
up and promised me a special treat for my achievement. ("Mere pyare
bhanje ko ek mast inaam doongi.") Her voice was naughty when she said
it and she followed it up with a kissing sound. My legs trembled with
lust and I turned away from my mom to hide my erection.

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The next day found me on the train and after an overnight journey I
was in Anju Mausi's home. She stayed in a small pretty bungalow and
was very glad to see me. Uncle Vinay welcomed me with a warm smile
and told me that I had come at a correct time as he had to go out for
a couple of days and Anju would be glad of my company. He was five
years younger to her and was a slim tall handsome man, in contrast to
the plump sensuous Anju Mausi. I bathed, rested and slept, eager for
the night to fall. Mausaji was gone by the evening and finally we
were alone.

Mausi called out to me to come and give her a kiss. ("Akshay, idhar
aa, ek chumban de jaldi se.") I ran to her and she clasped me in her
arms and kissed me passionately, a long lingering promising kiss but
then broke off saying we had to be circumspect. We proceeded
cautiously and had a quiet dinner and I found myself getting hornier
by the minute, looking at this beautiful aunt of mine. Today she was
dressed in a sheer chiffon sari and a transparent blouse, almost as
if she was out to seduce me. The white bra was clearly visible and I
looked at her with a sick puppy-like devotion. She smiled and asked
me to go and wait in her bedroom while she cleaned up in the kitchen
and shut the house door and windows. I went and sat on the big double
bed and now I was trembling with lust, my penis hard and making a
tent in my shorts.

Anju Mausi walked in after half an hour, closed the bedroom door and
grinned naughtily at my erection. She also asked me in mock anger why
I was still clothed. ("Arre moorakh, abhi tak nanga nahin hua? kya ab
bachchon jaise tere kapade mai utaaroon?" She proceeded to remedy the
situation and literally tore the clothes off my body. As I sat
shivering with lust, she caressed my erect pink six-inch penis
with affection and desire and told me that it looked delicious and
she simply had to taste it immediately.

Before I realized it, she was down on her knees and kissing and
licking my cock. Her clinging red tongue rubbed my glans
provocatively and I moaned with desire, asking her to stop otherwise
I would come in her mouth. ("Anju Mausi, ab band karo nahin to aapke
muh mein hi jhad jaoonga.") She looked up, smiled and said that that
was what she wanted. Then without wasting further time, she just
gobbled it up and sucked voraciously using her mouth and tongue
expertly. I looked down to see her head bobbing up and down, her
thick loose hair spread across my thighs. I clutched her head,
shouted 'Oh my sweet darling Mausi' ('Oh meri pyaari Mausi') and
ejaculated. She swallowed happily and determinedly, not getting up
till every drop of my cream was drained.

She got up and ruffled my hair when I looked at her with guiltily
silently apologizing for coming so fast. She told me that she did it
on purpose, apart from being hungry for my young thick cream. She
wanted to really enjoy this night in all possible ways and I would
not have lasted any way for more than ten minutes. But now that my
youthful lust had been somewhat slaked, she expected me to control
myself and not come till she expressly gave permission. I promised
her and she pushed me into the sofa and asked me to enjoy the scenery
as she stripped. ("ab chup-chaap apni Mausi ke nange shareer ka mast
nazaara dekho aur mauj karo.")

As she took off her clothes, I watched spellbound, realizing for the
first time with a shock that I was finally having delightful sex with
my own Aunt, my mother's younger sister. She was down to her bra and
panty within no time and naughtily teased me a little asking which
one she should take off first? "so sonny, you want to look at my
breasts first or would you rather see my pussy?" ("Kyon mere laadle,
pahale choot dikhaoon ya mamme?") Her ample soft breasts almost
spilled out of the tight white bra and the panty just about managed
to cover the wide hips and the crotch, showing a clear glimpse of
thick black bush peering round the edges. I could not answer and
looked at her shyly. My shy worshipful look soon excited her enough
so that she impatiently unhooked her bra, raised her hands to wriggle
out of the straps and dropped the panties to the floor and stepped
out of them. ("Chal poori nangee ho jaati hoon tere liye.")

Anju Mausi was a very natural woman and hated any artificial beauty
treatments. Hence her armpits were very hairy and the dark dense
hairs were clearly visible when she raised her arms. I had seen them
many times since my childhood as she frequently wore sleeveless
blouses. In a marked contrast, mother wore sleeved blouses hence I
had never glimpsed her armpits, as she was always very careful in
changing in front of the children. Actually the hairy armpits of Anju
Mausi had always repelled me a little but today surprisingly they had
an entirely opposite effect of exciting me even more and I had sudden
visions of burying my face in them.

Absolutely naked, Mausi walked towards me slowly and I noticed how
hairy her crotch was. The soft plump crotch was absolutely covered
with thick black hair and it made me almost swoon with lust. My cock
by now was standing hard again in a tribute to her sexy body and she
looked gratified in being able to produce this affect in a young boy
like me. She sat besides me and asked me what I wanted to do first?
My gaze was fixed on her luscious breasts and I shyly acknowledged
that I would like to kiss and suck them. ("Mausi, aapke stun choosne
aur dabaane ka man hota hai.")

She lovingly pulled me to her bosom, slipped one fat brown nipple in
my mouth and asked me to do what I wanted. I sucked at the rough tip,
which slowly became harder and more leathery. I put my hands around
the soft globe and squeezed, and extracted a soft moan from her. Soon
I was sucking hungrily like a baby, squeezing her breasts and
burrowing deeper and deeper into her lap. My penis was on fire with
sweet agony and I started humping it against her naked flesh.

A strong lovely musky odor filled my nostrils and I told Mausi how
sweet she smelled. She said that it was her cunt, which now was wet
and creaming and needed loving desperately and if her darling nephew
did not mind, would I please suck at her nether mouth. ("Dekh meree
choot kitnee geelee hokar choo rahee hai. Issey choos le bete".) She
had actually anticipated my own strong need to look at and kiss her
womanhood. So as she leaned back in the sofa, I slid to the floor
eagerly and took my position between her legs, which she parted

Her thighs were soft and plump and I kissed them first in my boyish
passion before zeroing in on her cunt. It was my first close look at
a woman's genitals and I was mesmerized by the red slit, flat wide-
open lips, the tiny pea of her clitoris and the thick curly hair
surrounding the gash. I started kissing and licking it in a frenzy
till she gently stopped me and lovingly taught me what to do to give
her maximum pleasure.

"Now darling, take it easy. suck it well, I am not running away, use
your tongue like a dog, and part the bush with your fingers so that
you can insert your tongue in my fuckhole." ("Aisey nahin beta, jeebh
se chaat chaat ker chooso. Jhanten bajoo mein karo aur jeebh andar
daalo.") Under her guidance, I soon settled into a steady licking of
her labia, including the clitoris and was overjoyed when she came
with a shudder and pressed my face into her hairy crotch, expelling
squirt after squirt of thick hot honey in my mouth. It had a salty,
bittersweet taste and was thick and slippery like melted butter.

She then pulled me up and took me to bed saying "come darling, let us
lie down and be comfortable". ("Chal raja, araam se late kar mazaa
lenge".) She inspected my cock, which was now throbbing and swollen
and asked me whether I could hold on for some more time. ("Jhadega to
nahin re jaldi?") I nodded and she was satisfied; she made me lie
down on the bed and clambered over me, her legs straddling my head.
She looked down with affection and told me that she would now give me
my present in the form of unlimited cunt juice for the next hour.

"Now suck my cunt you sweet boy, suck it dry if you can, I am going
to give you so much juice that you will drown in it." ("Ab dekh,
tujhe itnaa choot rus pilaongi ki tu ekdam must ho jayega.") I was
already gazing at her wet oozing cunt and she sat down with a
satisfied grunt over my face, burying it in the soft moist flesh. I
inhaled, licked and sucked and soon she was humming with pleasure
complementing me on my fast learning. "aah ooh, my boy, you know
something? you are a natural gifted cunt sucker." ("Tu to bur choosne
mein ekdum ustaad ho gaya ek hi ghante mein.")

After some time, she asked me to stiffen my tongue and insert it in
her pussy. ("Akshay bete, apni jeebh meree choot mein daal de, usey
chodne ka man ho raha hai.") I complied and she fucked my tongue like
a mini-penis. The wet flesh clutched it while it slipped in and out
and I somehow held on in spite of the aching tongue till she attained
an orgasm and gave me another mouthful of slimy thick juice to drink.
I withdrew my tongue and she too climbed down, satisfied and in a
very loving mood. She cuddled me, kissed me and held my face to her
soft bosom saying I was very sweet teen boy........

Posted : 12/05/2013 8:37 pm