Young Mandira  


I love sex. With older women sex is fun, with younger women sex is funny; with young girls it is just a pain—they have too many hang ups and too few skills. This is the story about my encounter with Mandira’s mom. Manidra is a beautiful, smart and very well educated young woman of 20 who joined my office last year. She is very good at office work and very pleasant company. Soon all of us in the office were in love with her. But she had special affection for me. Within the first month I knew that her affection is not just for a friendly figure but she was ready to be bedded. Women who want to jump in your lap have a special way of laughing and talking. She was showing all signs of that. I was not going to miss the opportunity. Let me tell you about myself. I am 50 years old. Work in an office. Am happily married. Have two post teenage daughters.

When Mandira showed the signs I waited for a few days. Then one day when she entered my office room I told her that I could not resist her any more and drew her close to me. She took the initiative after that and hugged me tight. I bit her ear. My tongue began to probe into her ear hole. It made her very hot. Her grip tightened around me. She came much closer. She tried to fuse her body into mine. Lifted one leg a little and hooked it slightly around my waist. My leg pushed against the door of the office and kicked it shut. My hand went under her skirt and onto her butt. Her pantyless bottom was hard and soft at the same time. I pushed my hand under her bum crack and began to feel for her cunt. Her lifted legs made her cunt very accessible. It was dripping wet. I fiddled with her cunt lips. They opened up immediately. She placed her upper lips against mine. Her tongue sought to get into my mouth. It was a thick and soft tongue. It curled around my tongue. Her lips were tightly glued to my lips. I pushed my finger into her cunt lips. They opened immediately. Mandira was very very hot and absolutely ready for being cocked.

I unzipped my pants. Took out my already hard cock. Mandira withdrew a little from my body to allow the cock to come out. My cock is just three inches long. But it fat. Four inches is its girth. My balls are big. There is hardly any hair on my balls or above my cock. So the naked cock looks quite big and powerful and all of it is visible to the eye. I sat Mandira on the office table and got between her legs. She came forward to facilitate entry. Now her bums were resting on the corner and she was almost standing on the ground. One of her legs went up again. Her cunt was now more open. My cock was nuzzling the general area of her cunt. She shifted her body a little to the right a little to the left adjusting her cunt lips against my hard cock. Then we both pushed against each other. My cock entered her cunt. She let out a loud sigh. The opening of her hole tightly grasped my cock. Her mouth bit my neck harshly. Her hands pushed my bums strongly against her body. Her grip was so tight that I could not even begin to do any pumping. The opening of her cunt hole began to hold my cock tight. Then it would losen. Then she would tighten it again. She was milking my cock with her cunt. Within minutes she had reached her first orgasm. It was a most dangerous thing. Her aahs and oohs were so loud that I had to press my lips against hers just to stop the sounds from coming out. Otherwise the rest of the office would know that something in addition to office work was going on inside my room.

Mandira’s first orgasm was a desperate one. But it slackened her hold over my body. Now she relaxed against the office table a little. It was my turn to begin pumping. Both her legs were now hanging in the air. Her legs were fully spread. Her cunt pushed against my body. My cock began its to and fro motion. Slow, fast, very fast, slow, wait for a breather pushing against her body. Begin the pushes again. By the time a hundred cunt pumps had been done her body had become aroused again. Her nails were scratching my back. One of her fingers probed the opening of my anus. Small beads of perspiration were forming on her forehead. My body was already glistening with sweat. The office AC was good enough to take away the heat of young Mandira. Soon she began her second orgasm. It went up and up and up. Like a considerate young girl she opened her legs completely. She lifted her legs high so that my cock could enter her cunt to the fullest.

While her second orgasm was slowly reaching its peak my orgasm began. The male orgasm is quite sharp and swift. My body tensed up completely. With one jerk my cock became autonomous. Hot heavy white fluid began to pump out from my cock and into her cunt. I stopped pumping. I just pushed hard against her and stood. My cock was pulsating. All of a sudden Mandira reached her biggest orgasm. She was licking my ear. Her teeth now clasped my ear lobe and she bit. She bit like only a completely heated up woman can. Then we both relaxed. Be maintained the cock in cunt position for a few minutes more. Our bodies dripping sweat. Our cock and cunt dripping love juices. Then she shifted. My limp cock came out. I zipped up my cock. She smoothened her skirt and brushed her hair. We were ready for normal office work.

Posted : 03/07/2011 10:30 am