Deepika Padukone meets Angelina Jolie  


As we all know Deepika Padukone is the brand ambassador of Tissot watches. Tissot was to launch its new collection in the US. They were to do the launch in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace. A lot of hollywood celebrities were invited. These included Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis , Catherine Zeta Jones , and many others. Deepika being the brand ambassador was also invited. In fact ,she was the one to do the launch. Amid so many hollywood bigwigs Deepika was feeling pretty nervous. She had attended many such soclal functions back home but hollywood was something new for her. Everything was on such a grand scale and everyone was so confident about their success. She had always wanted to act in a hollywood movie but now when she was surrounded by these people she was having second thoughts. She felt if one party could make her so nervous what about acting in an entire film. All her life she had only known Indian people how were she to survive in such an alien culture.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt and Angelina were sitting on a guest table. The launch being in a hotel such as Caesar's , everyone was given a table. Angelina was invited specially to the launch as she had worn the T-Touch watch of Tissot in several of her movies. Everyone nearby were talking about Deepika Padukone the young Indian actress. Ever since Slumdog Millionaire, Indian movies were much discussed in hollywood circles. Angelina seemed disinterested in the talks. She was married to Brad Pitt for 5 years and there married life was pretty cold these days. She felt this to be another boring social event where she had to accompany her husband. Their's was a happy relationship. They had adopted children and even had their own children. But like all marriages something extra was missing from their life. The spark had died down so to speak. Not that they didn't love each other anymore. Only that the love was pretty much platonic. Angelina was reminiscing life before Brad Pitt. Before marrying Brad Pitt , Angelina was in a relation not with a man but with a woman. She recalled how life had changed after meeting Brad. Every woman at some point in time desires security and kids. These were the reasons she was drawn mainly towards Brad. But now that she had got those things from Brad she longed for her former life. She had a fleeting feeling as to whether she could have an occasional fling. It was at this moment that she noticed the famous director Rob Cohen sitting besides them. He said - "This girl Deepika , well she is in a lof of ways similar to Angelina. She is athletic, has a lean mean body and has looks which can kill. Well , I even told a newspaper back in India that she looks better than Angelina. (source:- ). No offence , Angie!" . This comment made Angelina look up and take notice. It was true, the girl did look strikingly beatiful, although a bit nervous. And what instantly made an appeal to her was that she was wearing a Sari, the traditional Indian dress. (Deepika was wearing the same Sari which she had worn in the song "Second Hand Jawaani ")Angelina had known Aishwarya Rai since some time. But she always tried to fit in the Western culture by donning gowns. But here was a girl who was proud of her own cultural heritage. This seemed to add to her beauty. Angelina made a resolve to herself to get to "know" Deepika better after the event.

Deepika was looking around the hall while being seated on the dais. Her nervousness was only increasing. Suddenly her eyes fell on Angelina Jolie. Angelina gave a smile at her and even raised her glass as a confidence booster. This seemed to help Deepika get a bit comfortable. She felt a bit relaxed knowing that someone in the audience shown some response to her. What's more the response came from someone whose fashion style she had always followed and tried our in her own movies. (source )The MC then called out her name. With her confidence a bit raised she walked comfortable on the stage and revealed the brand new Tissot watch which was given to her. A lot of flashlights were flashed from the myriad cameras of the media people.

After the launch , the gathering proceeded towards the party hall. There was food and drink for everyone. Now that the launch was over Deepika was mixing a bit more freely with everyone. She had a chat with many of the celebrities. Bruce Willis was a thorough gentleman. He told her a few anecdotes from his movie "The Sixth Sense". Rob Cohen ,her admirer also tried making her feel at home. Then suddenly Deepika remembered about Angelina. She hoped to thank her for her good gesture just before the launch. Deepika noticed that Angelina was eating alone. Her husband was busy with some directors. She cut a very lonely picture.

Deepika went to her and said Hello. Angelina , who was lost in her thoughts, suddenly noticed Deepika.
"Oh hello" she said, "I was going to talk to you myself. You were very impressive"
"Thanks! I was feeling a bit nervous. But your gesture pepped me up a lot . Thanks for that"
"Oh it was nothing."
"No it meant a lot"
"Anyways, why were you nervous ? You are such a striking young lady"
"Oh I have attended many such dos back home . But hollywood was such a different ballgame"
"Why , how are we different?"
"Well for one you people are so confident"
"Well . I think you are also confident in your own way. I notice that you are wearing a Sari. This shows you are proud of your background , a positive sign."
This comment seemed to cheer Deepika to no end. She smiled a big grin.
"Oh look. You have got such a lovely dimpled smile"
"Yeah. Actually I had thought of trying to make a mark here at this launch. So that some hollywood makers notice me"
"You have made a mark honey"
"Well , yeah sort of. You are being very generous in your appreciation. But I am having second thoughts about working here". She looked down. Angelina noticed that a tuft of hair had covered her face. She took that tuft and put it back over her head. While doing so she gently caressed Deepika's neck. This first touch with one of her idols sent a shiver down Deepika's spine. She simply sipped her wine.
"Why are you having second thoughts about working here ?" Angelina asked.
"Well , you people have such an open culture. Our movies are so conservative"
"Are you conservative ?"
"Oh no!" This abrupt personal question seemed to throw Deepika off balance.
"I am sure you will do fine. Tell you what , I will give you a few tips to ease you into this western environment . Do one thing meet me in my suite. Brad would take a while . We can discuss a few things and get to 'know' each other better. I am in room 69 , cya"

Did she really mean what I think she meant ? This was the thought which crossed Deepika's mind. Nevertheless she decided to follow Angelina. If she had something useful to tell, it might help her case in Hollywood.

So she followed her in her suite. It was a very comfortable room. Even more so that her own suite , which was saying something. But it was natural. Angelina was a big Hollywood star while she was a young Indian starlet. Angelina had gone inside to change. Suddenly she noticed that the lights had gone a bit dim. A voice came from the speakers overhead. "I will teach you a few tricks today Deepi" The sound of Angelina was followed by a mysterious giggle.

The tone in the voice removed any doubts in Deepika's mind as to what was going to happen. But Deepika wasn't scared. A bit apprehensive, yes , for she had never been with a woman. But she had made a resolve by now. The success of the launch followed by Angelina's conversation had again rekindled in her the desire to make it big in Hollywood.

Angelina emerged from the changing room. She was only wearing a night gown.

"You said you weren't conservative . Yet you were apprehensive about our Open culture. Come tonight I will help you 'open' up a bit. What better way than to re enact and improvise on that famous scene from my movie Gia. Of course, a bit Indianised as you are in it

Follow me into my bedroom"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Deepika had decided that she would let Angelina do all the action. She felt it would be easier to play a passive role. Incidentally , this was what Angelina wished her to do.

Angelina took her to her room and gestured her to lie on the bed.

Then Angelina removed her own night gown. Co-incidentally it was the only thing she was wearing ever since she came out of her changing room. This sight raised the breath of Deepika who had obeyed Angelina's command to lie on her bed. Angelina was a good 10 years older than Deepika and had given a birth yet her figure was to die for. This pleased Deepika.

Angelina took Deepika's hands and raised them over her head. She then went below and kissed Deepika's navel.

"I hear you Indians take a lot of pride in your navels" , saying so she caressed her stomach.

"You know Saris have always been a mystery for me , but not after this night"
Saying so she started unwrapping Deepika's 9 yards. She signaled Deepika to keep rolling on the bed as she did so.

Deepika was soon in her blouse and petticoat.

Angelina came near her and gave her a passionate french kiss. Deepika had always wanted to have a french kiss with a westerner. Little did she know that her first would be with a woman. The kiss lasted for about 3 minutes. A great bond was developing between the two ladies.

Angelina then kissed her on her armpits licking them in the process. After which she rubbed her naked chest on her stomach.

Angelina then decided it was time to bring Deepika to her own level of clothedness.

So she undid her blouse and petticoat.(She did not remove her jewels , so that the Indian look remained as pronounced as before) Now Deepika was breathing more heavily than ever. The smile not leaving her face though.

Soon the white and the brown bodies intertwined. The white breasts meeting the brown ones. The white legs wrapped around the brown legs. The armpits were indistinguishable, neatly shaved as all four were. There were more french kisses soon and not all were mouth-to-mouth. They even tried out a position which matched the room number.

Then Angelina suddenly got up. As if hit by a brainwave. She went over to her cupboard and brought out a special leather strap. It was a belt but in the middle it had a holder. Deepika wondered what it was for. Angelina wore it on her waist . And opened another box. And soon the holder had something to hold. It dawned on to Deepika what it was. Angelina could function like a man now temporarily. This pleased Deepika.

Thanks to the belt Angelina now entered Deepika. And soon there was to and fro motion. This went on for 2-3 intense minutes. After which both women had arrived.

After being exhausted from their session, they lay cuddled.

"So darling , are you getting used to our open culture"

"Yes......" said Deepika who was more relaxed now.

Suddenly , there was a knock on the door , and realising that they had not locked it from inside the girls sat up, only to find Brad Pitt in the room. There was a look of surprise on his face to find Deepika with Angelina. But Angelina winked at him and surprise gave way to a smile on his face.

Deepika realised , she was going to get even more used to their open culture , pretty soon................



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