One day CID babe namely Muskan was getting bored  


One day CID babe namely Muskan was getting bored and she did not want to go to the bureau for work...she had worn a very tight salwaar kameez and her boobs were popping out from them with ample of cleavage to give a instant hardon to anyone...and as she was reaching for her odhni which had fallen down....the door was slammed opened and there they were Abhijeet Daya Vivek and ACP himself....they got a instant hardone as she had bent down fully and her boobs were just wanting to come outside and her black bra strap which was coming out was another reason for the hardon....seeing all this ACP said....Dekho is chinal ko dekho jara isse bureau nai ana par ghar beth k kya gul khila rahi hai ye randi....chalo abhijeet jara ise utha kar bed par to litao....abhijeet and daya both went near her and slapped her very hard and said...chal ab dikhate hai hum..chal...saying this they lifted her up and threw her on the bed...and by doing this her both bra straps came out from both sides...laughing after seeing this vivek said...dekho chinal ko saali ko bra pehena to ata nai hai chaali thi chinal banne bhak saali madarchod.....saying this vivek pounced on her and slowly pressed her boobs...muskan had tears in her eyes but somewhere inside she was feeling quite horny to and soft moans were coming out as vivek continued to press and caress her that time abhijeet and daya both were naked and their cocks which were 15'' and 16'' resp. were standing erect as a vivek was caressing her boobs daya came besides muskan's mouth and just shoved his dick inside was quite big and with this muskan gave a loud cry for help but daya just shoved his dick still inside her mouth and now muskan was gaging....then abhijeet came near the other side and he also showed his dick and same loud cry was heard asabhijeet shoved his dick inside muskan's mouth...then after about 12 n hour when muskan's boobs were nicely fiddled with and her mouth teared open and red ACP said....chalo ab der kis baat ki iss chinnal ko nanga karo aur ghusawo iske tadapti choot aur gaand mein lund....with this daya and abhijeet moved back and then vivek dragged her from the bed in standing position and told her to turn....she had to obey and she turned....ACP stood there in front and continued to press her boobs now harder and then with one shot vivek removed her salwaar and now she was standing in black bra nad panty...ACP now was naked and with his 16" dick pointing right towards muskan....he picked her up again and threw her on the bed....ACP said...ab thode boobs ka masaj ho jaye kya khayal hai muskan raand....ha ha ha laughing he just adjusted his big 16" cock between her boobs with the bra on and now he was rubbing his cock in between her boobs....she was now moaning as if she was enjoying the whole "4 on a whore" thing!!!......ACP now increased the speed as now his dick was now also going inside her mouth and as he increased the speed she was moaning more louder and louder....ACP with his final rub took out his dick from between her boobs and her boobs were now a little red....ACP now said....chalo ab ye chinal chudne ke liye tayyar ACP said this daya imediately came in front of muskan who was now out of the world moaning and all and removed her bra and panty quickly and started caressing her now wet pussy....she was now in full mood and she was wriggling from side to side as daya was caressing her pussy and now seeing this daya now inserted his thumb and fingers inside her pussy and the wriggling became more and more and her moans were now very daya saw her orgasm build up he quickly inserted his big cock inside her pussy and started to fuck her very very hard and as he did this muskan was screaming like hell....vivek seeing this came near muskan's mouth and inserted his dick inside her mouth and forced her and now she was gaging....abhijeet could not handle this and quickly came behind daya and told him to adjust as he was going to fuck her gaand....hearing this muskaan ne ishara kar k mana karna chaha kyu ki vivek had his dick inside her mouth so she could not talk but no one saw her and then with a quick thrust abhijeet inserted his cock deep inside her ass....and now tears came inside muskaan's eyes as she was now being fucked like a was like in rythm as abhijeet took out the dick daya inserted and vice versa and vivek was making her gag like hell....and now the as the speed was building up they could feel the orgasm building up inside muskan and they did it even faster and faster and muskaan's moans were becoming softer as she was building orgasm and could not control....then with a quick thrust daya and abhijeet removed their dick and cake near to her boobs and face for a good sperm bath and as they were cuming and depositing their sperms on her boobs and face and body she was also cumming like hell and still she could not talk.....after this session was over ACP came near her and massaged all the cum on her boobs, caressing and slowly pressing them and on her body and tols her....abe sun chinal madarchod agli bar bureau ana zarur nai to anjam tujhe pata haina....chal ab tera ye sub salwaar kameez bra panty hum lejate hai kabhi zarurat padi yato ye incident yad aya to kam ayega....nai to tujhe dara ne bhi kam ayega...ha ha ye kehke thodi der sub hasne lage aur sub lapde bipde pehen ke jate jate do tin bat muskan ko kiss yato uske boobs dabake yato usko chata mar k nikal diye...muskan bed par leti hui cum mein dubi hui roti rahi....


Posted : 20/06/2011 5:19 am