Starting with lesbian story of samantha and kajal  


During shoot of telugu film Brindavanam the situation happened.

After shoot completed all unit members planned a a trip for 5 days .

samantha& kajal refused to go with them they told they will go shopping

together.During shooting they beacame very close friends .

kajal & samantha were very up-to-date in their body looks.

It was nightafter shopping they came back to hotel.Night nine .

Kajal was alone in the room & requested Samantha to come to her room for

5 days .Samantha agreeded . She brought her laguage into kajal room.

While bringing her laguage she also brought a big sized candle with her.kajal

asked samantha why candle? She laughed and said that if power has gone

then she could use it . Kajal said there is no need for that and she said she

definitely in need of that. In the night they finished dinner . kajal said to

samantha shall we watch TV for a while? Samantha said no

she we will read and discuss about new chapter . kajal asked new chapter !!!

What is it ? Samantha took out a book from her jeans pant kajal was watching

very excitingly what she is doing. Kajal asked her, why you kept that book in your

She said see my friend this is a sex story book i brought this
from director room and I saw that he was reading it and kept under

his bed and I took it really see this is a great book.

kajal said Samantha I don't want to talk about sex.samantha

said hei don't hesitate to talk or read about sex this is very funny

Posted : 07/11/2012 8:18 am