TV show ring-wrong-ring 'Muskaan Mihani' Fucked Saari Utha Ke  


Disclaimer:The story which i am about to write is pure work of friction and there is no resemblance to any person or cast or colour. If whatsoever may be the reason please dont read the story.

The story:
the cast of TV show ring-wrong-ring 'Muskaan Mihani' ko apne gore pan pe kuch zyada hi garv the wo hamesha apne gore pan ki tarif kuch zyada hi karti rehti. Now this was not likes by one of the black(colour) porn star in Africa. She hated white women whomsoever they may be...that's why she always made porn for interracial means white on black in which she DID the white women so nastily that they never ever showed their whiteness again!!! her name is Anjelina Dearaso(Anju)...she saw this muskaan once or twice on tv and how she showed her whiteness and she diceded to punish her....she came to india and she had found out all about muskaan where she stayed and what all she liked and disliked and all and she arrived at the aur desi gori muskaan was wearing a sari and a blouse with ample of cleavage to show and her pallu was just placed as to show her cleavage....and she was watching some random anju ringed the bell muskaan adjustedher sari and all for the view as she thought it must be some guy offering her a role or maybe courier guy which she could USE!!!...but as she opened the door there the porn star anju was standing with normal clothes showing black skin...muskaan thought for a moment....are maa kasam ye kaali mere ghar kya karne ayi hai...but smiled and welcomed her guest not knowing what was about to happen....anju on the other hand was so not pleased to see white skin that she would just rip her sari and pound on her but putting a smile she also went inside and sat on the sofa....after some time anju could not handle it she was here to do work and she will finish it once and for all....she got up in a very bad mood which muskaan did not like and anju sat besides her and said in a rough rude voice....abe sun chinal tera gora pan mujhse dekha nai ja raha hai mein tujhe yaha sabak sikhane ayi hu samajhle warna bura hal hoga....(by d way muskaan did not know she was a porn star)....muskaan laughed and said....abe saali kaali kaloti tu kya sikhayegi re mujhe khud chudi hai kya kabi....this over raged anju and she took out a camera from her bag placed it on the table and started recording....she intruduced hersefl and said her name and said she was a porn star this shocked muskaan so much that she was trembling in pointing the camera towards muskaan she said...aur ye safed aurat jo aap dekh rahe hai aaj chudnewali hai aur chudai chalu hone mein thodi hi der baki hai....anju placed the camera on the table and ordered muskaan to drop her pallu....chal pallu gira cleavage dikha mein bi to dekhu kya hai tere mein...chal gira jaldi time kam hai...gira chinnal....tears were running down her eyes as she slowly dropped her pallu and TADA!!!! sweet white cleavage was seen and recording was also going anju ordered again....chal khali itna karke rukna nai hai abi thodo bend ho raand thoda aur dikha chal pushing her head down she made her bend and there it was her full white voulptous boobs popping out of her blouse...anju got up and saying..chal chinal ab action ka time aa gaya...she ripped off her blouse revealing her blach bra and then pressed her boobs hard enuf so that she could feel the pain she instantly let out an aaaaaaahhhhhhh.....then she removed her whole saari and now she was standing in only bra and panty and her white body was revealed....anju again picked up her bag tool out a huge dildo and stated to wear it.. and ordered muskaan to remove her bra and panty and get on all fours on the sofa....muskaan had to obey!!!....muskaan slowly removed her bra and panty in front of the camera and stood there...anju finished her dildo wearing which was huge black one and saw muskaan standing...khari khari kya muh dekh rahi hai bola na so ja sofe pe chal...she pushed her on the sofa and muskaan ws pleading...plz leave me i can give u anything u want money or anything but plz don't insert that in my choot plz leave me....anju said to this laughing...are are bachi rone lag gai dekho aur tujhe laga mein teri choot marungi...bhak raandi pata nai kitno se chudi hogi teri choot...mein to gaand marungi...saying this she slapped her gaand 3-4 times and safed ko laal kar k jawungi samjhi raandi chinnal....chal ab position le le fatafat...saying this she positioned herself and muskaan and just pushed the dildo inside muskaan....uffffff.....aaaahhhhhh.....mammi.......mar she uttered these noises anju was in her own world she was not listening to anything she just wanted revenge and revenge is what she got....she again pulled the whole dildo outside and again inserted the full side inside....and muskaan was going aaaaahhhhh...uffffffff....aaaaahahhhhh...ufffffffff.....mat maro meri gaand plz ab to chod to mujhe....aaaahhhhhhh....anju slapped her gaand and said....raand shanti se gaand marne de mujhe tujhe bohut safed banne ka showk hai na chal raand bani to thik par nai tujhe to garv hai na ab marwa saali tu isi k layak hai tv pe to ring rong ring karti rehti hai gaand hilake ab dekhti hu kaise hilati hai and she increased her speed and now after sometime she could not even hear muskaan moaning as she was in a very very intense orgasm....but she continued her speed and muskaan could not take any more inside her nor she could control her orgasm..anju knew this but she did not wanted to stop...she was just ramming her ass as if hammer and screw......after sometime she withdrew her dildo out and pushed muskaan down on the bed....chal raand ab jitna nikalna hai nikal....floods and floods of white cum poured down from her ass down to her legs and anju was tapping her as she was going on moaning and moaning....she slapped her 3-4 times on her ass which was still in intense pain and then pressed her boobs for sometime....her whole body was red.....anju asked her....chal chinal ab bol kabhi apna white badan TV pe ya kisi ko bi dikhayegi bol raand....muskaan with little moaning noise nodded and promised not to show body again....anju closed the camera packed her bags and saying tape kal net par hogi maza ayega.....shwe went away.....


Posted : 20/06/2011 5:20 am